How often is the ideal timing for regular house cleaning services? Should I do it weekly, twice a month? 

Most customers will have A+ clean regularly every other week. Frequency also depends upon how many people live in the home, or if you have children and/or pets. Some clients prefer to do light weekly cleaning themselves and have us in once a month for a deeper cleaning.

What types of products do you use? Are they environmentally friendly?

Yes, 99 % of our cleaning products are green/environmentally friendly.

What do you wash the floors with?

We use the proper solution for the type of floors. Different flooring materials like wood, travertine, marble, tile, natural stone require different types of cleaning solutions.  A+ Cleaning crews are trained to use the proper solution for each type of floor.

What is the average length of time you are under contract in a building?

Ultimate Cleaning Services has enjoyed long-term relationships with many property managers and management companies over our 5 years in business. Because of our desire to give our customers long-term stability, it is common for SpotLess Services to continue a janitorial contract for 10 years or more.

What size buildings do you usually clean?

Mostly buildings of 20,000 sq ft and larger, where the Specialty Division accepts jobs of all sizes.

Payment Method?

Bank Transfer

Credit Card Payment

Cheque Payment

Cash (50% before - 50% after) 

What areas do you service?

US, Canada, Europe & Africa

Contact us for more details about your location.